Profile System

Aluminium Framework Components and Joining Elements for Optimal Adaptability and Dependability

Aluminium structural profiles are perfectly suited to the construction of machine frames, workstations, shelves, and protective barriers. Durable and versatile, these aluminium system profiles are also employed for creating test setups, constructing exhibits, and forming load-bearing structures. Explore our comprehensive selection of aluminium profiles, connecting components, accessories, and tools in our inventory.

What is the rationale for utilising the mk Profile System?

Aluminium structural profiles are a crucial component in mechanical engineering, serving a wide range of purposes including machine frames, work platforms, shelves, sliding doors, guardrails, test setups, and more. The mk aluminium profile system, renowned for its versatility and reliability, is the optimal choice for modular profile solutions in the field of plant and mechanical engineering.
The adaptable and modular design of mk system profiles offers an extensive array of options for crafting customized structures and problem-solving solutions. The mk profile system offers the perfect aluminium profile for every application, whether it’s for lightweight extensions or sturdy load-bearing frameworks.
mk’s aluminium profiles are constructed from high-quality aluminium alloy and boast a remarkably durable anodized coating, ensuring their robustness and dependability in construction projects. Thanks to the innovative connection technology, they can be easily reused with standard screws, facilitating the assembly process.
Additionally, the minimal edge radius of just 1 mm enables nearly seamless connections between profiles, providing an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Moreover, it’s worth noting that the aluminium profiles from the mk profile system are compatible with those from other manufacturers, offering even greater flexibility in design and assembly.

Aluminium System Profiles

mk offers a wide range of over 200 top-tier system profiles, categorized into four distinct series, each tailored to specific base dimensions of 25, 40, 50, and 60 mm. These profiles impeccably fulfil all the stringent criteria demanded by the mechanical engineering industry for aluminium construction profiles.

Profile Series 25

Aluminium construction profiles with a 25mm cross section, suitable for crafting lightweight frames, cabinets, test setups, measurement and test equipment, as well as electronic housings.

Profile Series 40

Aluminium construction profiles featuring a cross section of 40x40mm, designed for constructing lighter machine frames, guarding, assembly workstations, exhibit construction, and work platforms.

Profile Series 50

Aluminium construction profiles with a cross section of 50x50mm, specifically engineered for robust machine frames, structures with high static loads, and load-bearing frameworks.

Profile Series 60

Aluminium construction profiles featuring a 60x60mm cross section, designed for machine frames handling the heaviest loads and gantries, typically reserved for steel construction.

Cleanroom Profiles

Aluminium profiles tailored for construction within cleanroom environments. The cleanroom profiles by mk are distinguished by a seamless and enclosed surface, effectively preventing the accumulation of dirt. Thanks to mk’s standard 1mm radius, the connection of aluminium profiles ensures a smooth transition with minimal gaps.

Profile Machining


Here you can download free CAD models of profile and conveyor technology components from the mk Technology Group.

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What is the rationale for utilising the mk Profile System?

The vast array of connection components within the mk profile system guarantees the utmost versatility and dependability in your aluminium profile designs. No matter your needs concerning load-bearing capacity, torsional resistance, ease of installation, or design, our extensive selection of connectors will meet all your specifications, at any desired angle. All connecting elements utilize standard screws.

mk provides ideal connection solutions for every demand. Whether you require angle connectors, internal fasteners, plate connectors, corner fasteners, lattice connections, or clamped connections, this page will guide you in choosing the right connection for your structure.

Angle Fasteners

Plate Fasteners 

Internal Fasteners

Corner Block Joints

Profile Clamps


Standard Parts

End Caps, Wear Strips, Floor Elements, Tools and Accessories

The mk Profile System provides a wide selection of functional, design, safety, mobility, and stability elements to help you finish your aluminium profile assembly. In addition to end caps, different types of covers, and wear strips, you have the option to select from a diverse range of levelling feet, floor plates, and rolls. Complementing the profile system are cover profiles, swivel joints, and other useful accessories. The range is further enriched with tools and fixtures designed for profile machining.

Covers/Wear Strips

Floor Elements

Accessory Components