Conveyor Accessories

mk provides an extensive range of drives, diverse stand options, various side rails, standardised and customised pallets and a variety of other components to complete your conveyor system


Compact single stands designed for short and narrow conveyors.

Sturdy H-shape stands featuring horizontal braces and/or base cross-bars for enhanced stability.

Stands equipped with fixed or swivel casters for mobile applications.

Custom-shaped stands designed to address specific conditions.


Fixed and adjustable side rail options for the precise positioning of products on the conveyor system.

Fixed side rails comprise a static side rail sheet and are offered in a range of heights, along with various fastening alternatives.

Adjustable side rails can be modified to accommodate different usable widths and guide heights, facilitating swift and easy adjustment to your particular needs and conditions. A wide array of sheets, profile strips, and wear strips are available, enabling seamless customisation to your conveying needs.

Workpiece Carriers


Other Accessories

For more information on our many accessories please see our conveyor catalogue:

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