CAD Data

Download CAD data quickly and easily

Reduce your planning and design time with our free CAD data. Download the CAD data of our profile technology system and selected data from our conveyor and linear technology as well as our transfer systems.

Other CAD data can be provided on request

Profile System 

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Belt Conveyors 

The QuickDesigner, our conveyor technology configurator, provides access to STEP format CAD data for customisable belt conveyors such as GUF-P MINI, GUF-P 2000, and GUF-P 2041. Optionally, this includes a budgetary offer upon request.

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Curved Belt Conveyor KGF-P 2040

KGF-P 2040

Modular Belt Conveyor MBF-P 2040

MBF-P 2040

Timing Belt Conveyors ZRF-P 2010 & ZRF-P 2040

ZRF-P 2010 ZRF-P 2040

Chain Conveyor KTF-P 2010

KTF-P 2010

Accumulation Chain Conveyor SRF-P 2010

SRF-P 2010

Roller Conveyors

rOLLER conveyors

Conveyor Stands

stand systems

Transfer Systems

Flat-top Chain Conveyor System

versaflex a06 versaflex a08

SPU 2040 Accumulating Pallet Recirculation System

SPU 2040

TKU 2040 Indexing Chain Conveyor System

TKU 2040 

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For custom requests and for CAD models with widths that deviate from the standard widths provided, please contact our technical sales department at [email protected] 

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