Special Conveyors 

Special conveyors

Tailored solutions are essential for unique tasks. Consequently, we manufacture specialised belt conveyors designed for applications in image processing systems, metal-free environments, and conveying scenarios utilising vacuum and magnetic technology.

Vacuum Conveyors

vacuum belt conveyors

Back-lit Conveyors

Translucent conveyors are designed for applications in automated production lines for visual inspection of workpieces. They facilitate non-contact geometric measurement and positional detection of conveyed items. These conveyors incorporate a backlight unit and a translucent (transparent) conveyor belt. Products are illuminated from beneath the belt, creating distinct silhouettes. Through the use of cameras and specialized image processing software, workpieces can be scrutinised for material defects, incorrect positioning, completeness, and contour irregularities. They are employed, for instance, in pick-and-place operations or for OK/nOK analyses.

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Magnet Belt Conveyors

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Also available are:

Telescopic Belt Conveyors

Metal Free Conveyors

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