Conveyor Technology

Conveyor Systems and Functional Modules for manufacturing  

mk’s conveyor systems and Functional Modules are designed to cater to a wide array of needs for moving and managing individual items. You have the option to choose from a variety of versatile conveyors suitable for multiple industries, and these can be tailored to your specific requirements. Additionally, they can be integrated with rotary tables for product buffering and linear guides to ensure accurate and dynamic handling operations.

Advantages of mk Conveyor Technology:

Extensive range of standardised, modular conveyor systems ensuring optimal performance for various transported products and environments.
Exceptional process reliability achieved through advanced technology, top-grade materials, and swift global spare parts delivery.
Constructed from standard modules for cost-effectiveness and rapid delivery.
Proficiency in bespoke conveyors beyond our usual product line up.
Versatility guaranteed through compatibility with all mk construction kit elements and modules.
AdaptTech’s sales team offers expert guidance and support in tailoring your system design.

Belt Conveyor

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Modular Belt Conveyor

Highly durable modular belt conveyors offer greater wear resistance compared to standard belts, making them suitable for a wide range of transport applications

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Timing Belt Conveyors

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Chain Conveyors 

Robust chain conveyors designed for the reliable and low-maintenance movement of heavy-load pallets, and for creating intricate interlinking systems

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Flat Top Chain Conveyors

Flat Top Chain Conveyor Page

Roller Conveyors

Versatile roller conveyor systems featuring a range of drive options for moving individual items like sturdy boxes or pallets with flat, rigid bases

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Easily retrieve complimentary CAD models of profile and conveyor technology components from mk.

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Conveyor Technology Configurator

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Special Conveyors & Function Modules

Special Conveyors

Specialised conveyors designed for specific needs, including transparent conveyors, vacuum conveyors and magnetic conveyors.

Vacuum Conveyors

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Back-lit Conveyors

Back-lit conveyors are designed for applications in automated production lines for visual inspection of workpieces. They facilitate non-contact geometric measurement and positional detection of conveyed items. These conveyors incorporate a backlight unit and a translucent (transparent) conveyor belt. Products are illuminated from beneath the belt, creating distinct silhouettes. Through the use of cameras and specialized image processing software, workpieces can be scrutinised for material defects, incorrect positioning, completeness, and contour irregularities. They are employed, for instance, in pick-and-place operations or for OK/nOK analyses.

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Magnetic Belt Conveyors

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Rotary tables

Rotary Tables for easy and economical buffering and segregation of conveyed items between two stages of a process. See page 282 of our Conveyor Technology Catalogue for more information

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Accessories for mk Conveyor Systems

To complement a comprehensive conveyor system, mk provides an extensive range of drive options, diverse stand variations, various side rails, standardized and tailored workpiece carriers, and many other accessories.





Other Accessories

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