Timing Belt Conveyors

Dual-Line Conveyors for Cycled Transport

Timing belt conveyors prove highly effective for the synchronized transport of workpiece carriers or rigid-structured products. They offer various drive options and come in single, dual, or multiple-line configurations, making them a popular choice for building intricate interconnection solutions.

Technical specifications:

Widths: Ranging from 40 to 1000 mm
Lengths: Extending from 500 to 6000 mm
Total load capacity: Typically up to 250 kg
Speed: Capable of reaching up to 60 m/min
Configuration options: Choose between a single line or multiple lines
Additional values are available upon request

ZRF-P 2040

A conveyor system utilising a timing belt for the cyclical transportation of piece goods.

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Technical specifications 

Characteristics of the ZRF-P 2040

Cycled transport of piece goods, in either conventional or oriented manner

Precise conveying, feeding, and positioning for loads up to 250 kg

Offered as a single, dual, or multiple line conveyor

Various belt coatings for optimal gripping of the workpiece

Fixtures can be attached to secure the workpieces

ZRF-P 2010

A conveyor system employing a timing belt for the transportation of workpiece carriers and rigid products.

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Technical specifications 

Characteristics of the ZRF-P 2010

Double line and multiple line conveyor designed for transporting workpiece carriers and rigid products

Well-suited for cyclic operation, supporting loads up to 250 kg

Timing belt recirculates within the profiles, resulting in a compact design

Various belt coatings for optimal gripping of the workpiece

Diverse range of drive options available

Features of mk Timing Belt Conveyors

Perfect for the cyclic transportation of workpiece carriers or products with a sturdy build 
The positive connection between the drive pulley and the timing belt guarantees precise positioning and synchronization of the conveyance lines 
A variety of surface coatings on the timing belt ensures optimal grip for your specific application 
Capable of achieving high speeds and accelerations while maintaining a quiet and smooth operation 
Well-suited for repetitive cycling operations 
Exhibits a low friction coefficient and exceptional wear resistance 
The timing belt circulates within the profiles, minimizing the risk of accidents 
A wide range of suitable workpiece carriers, lift-and-transfer modules, stoppers, positioning units, rotating units, and control components is readily available 
The system features slots (10 mm slot width) for easy attachment of stands, side rails, and stoppers 
This system forms the foundation for creating intricate workpiece carrier transfer systems.

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