Machine Frames

Frames for System Construction applications 

Machine frames play a crucial role in housing and positioning various machine components. They must possess the capability to endure static, dynamic, and thermal forces, depending on the workload and precision requirements. mk offers customised aluminium profile frames designed to suit your specific needs, whether you are building machines for tasks like transportation, packaging, shaping, separating, or connecting.

Advantages of mk Machine Frames:

Sustainability is emphasized, as the ease of reusing these frames maximizes their lifespan.
Unlike steel structures, these frames require no welding, abrasive grinding, or painting, making them low-maintenance.
Flexibility for expansion and modifications is provided through screw connections
These frames offer robust and versatile connection technology, utilizing standard screws and an extensive array of accessories.
Achieve sleek, gap-free connections between profiles with a 1 mm edge radius, enhancing their aesthetics.
Various profiles are available to support attractive design possibilities.

The Diverse Base

The versatile mk modular profile system offers compatibility with all other products within the mk portfolio, including conveyor technology and guarding devices. It comprises different profile series tailored for distinct needs:

Profile Series 40: These profiles are well-suited for lightweight machine frames and guarding devices.

Profile Series 50: Engineered to handle heavy-duty machine frames with high static loads.

Profile Series 60: These robust profiles are the optimal choice for frames subjected to the heaviest loads, multi-axis gantries, and lifts.

The recommended method for securing these profiles to existing aluminium profile frames involves using angle fasteners with standard screws.