TKU 2040 Indexing Chain Conveyor

Cycled interlinking of Machines and Machining Centres

The TKU 2040 chain conveyor system is particularly suitable for the systematic, predetermined, and position-oriented feeding and retrieval of elongated cylindrical components. The timing of the system can be customised to adhere to a specific cycle. It finds applications in various industries, including machine tools, plastics, automotive, and more.

TKU 2040 with fixed width

TKU 2040 with adjustable width

To meet particular specifications, workpiece fixtures made from either polyoxymethylene (POM) or brass prisms can be employed, providing an ideal solution for securing cylindrical workpieces. Alternatively, profile workpiece carriers are available, allowing customisation with customer-supplied workpiece fixtures.

TKU 2040 Highlights:

Economically links machining stations
Robust system supports a load capacity of up to 700 kg
Handles loads of up to 6/10 kg (prism) and up to 20 kg (profile workpiece carrier) per workpiece
Compact design for space efficiency
Flexible modular construction
Adjustable variant offer widths ranging from 195 mm to 1500 mm
Strong construction minimises maintenance and wear
Conveyor speeds up to 18 m/min
Achieves a repeatability of +- 1 mm

Summary of the Modules

TKU 2040 – Workpiece Prisms

TKU 2040 – Workpiece Carriers

Workpiece carriers constructed from Series 40 profiles featuring 10 mm slots can be fitted with customer-supplied custom workpiece fixtures. Their width is adjustable within system limits and can bear loads of up to 20 kg. However, it’s important to note that the profile workpiece carrier is not compatible with the adjustable variant.

TKU 2040 – Conveyor Frame

TKU 2040 – Conveyor Width Adjusting Unit

Adjustable models utilise linear adjusting units to modify the conveyor width, enabling the TKU 2040 to accommodate workpieces of varying sizes. The adjusting unit is provided with either a handwheel or clamping lever, along with a width scale for precision. The width adjustment range is contingent upon the system’s specified limits.

TKU 2040 – Drive​​​​​​​ Arrangement

TKU 2040 – Tail Assembly

The tail section incorporates sprockets that effectively drive the transport chain. Tensioning units within the tails allow for convenient adjustment of chain tension as needed.

TKU 2040 – Protective Device Guard

TKU 2040 – Base Frame​​​​​​​

The base frame guarantees system stability and security, offering the flexibility to be ordered in different working heights. Additionally, the frame is customisable with optional panelling, available in either sheet metal or polycarbonate. For added convenience, a mobile version with casters is also an option.

TKU 2040 Application Examples

TKU 2040 for transporting camshafts

Customer-specific TKU 2040 with 20° inclination and transport of workpieces through a cleansing bath

Single lane TKU 2040 conveyor for vertically orientated product handling

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Indexing Chain Conveyor System TKU 2040

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