Linear Technology

Reliable & Precise Linear Motion

mk Linear Technology encompasses a range of gliding assemblies, track roller assemblies, and recirculating ball bearing guides. These components offer exceptionally accurate and dependable linear motion, tailored to meet your specific needs.

selecting a linear guide

Benefits of mk Linear Technology

Our diverse array of guides is crafted to meet customer specifications, ensuring optimal functionality. 
They seamlessly integrate with the mk profile series, promoting material, cost, and space efficiency by allowing direct mounting on the existing support structure. 
The straightforward and swift setup of linear guides follows the add-on principle. 
Precision travel is guaranteed by the mk clamping profile. 
The use of high-quality materials and tested third-party components ensures highly reliable operation. 
Our team of AdaptTech engineers is ready to provide expert advice and assistance in designing your system.

Conveyor Technology Catalogue

Detailed information on belt conveyors can be found in our conveyor technology catalogue 
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Gliding Assemblies

Adjustment units based on gliding elements for linear positioning and tasks, virtually maintenance-free.

Track Roller Assemblies

Linear modules utilising track roller assemblies designed for high travel speeds and challenging environmental conditions.

Recirculating Ball Bearing Guides

Streamlined linear modules employing recirculating ball bearing guides for exceptional load capacity and precision.

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Download CAD data

Effortlessly access complimentary CAD models of profile and conveyor technology components from mk.
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