Belt Conveyor

Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Belt Conveyors

A belt conveyor is used in almost all industrial applications as soon as piece goods have to be transported without special requirements regarding their location, position or product support geometry. Products of various shapes and dimensions, packaged or unpackaged, light or heavy can be used. In addition to straight routes, courses around curves or on … Read more

Accumulating Pallet Recirculation System

Watch in action the first mk SPU 2040 – Accumulating Pallet Recirculation System to be delivered to the UK! A twin lane version, capable of feeding, accumulating, accurate positioning and separating of pallets.
3D-printed holders

3D-printed holders enable cost-efficient conveying solution

3D-printed holders enable cost-efficient conveying solution: Case Study by Adapt Tech A special machine manufacturer required a system to feed car body parts to a robot cell. Different parts needed to be conveyed, which the robot then removes and assembles. Some parts are 2000 mm long and 120 mm high, but only 2mm thick. Other parts have … Read more

Adapt Tech Manufacturing Solutions

We are excited to announce that effective from 29th April 2024, mk Profile Systems will be trading under the name of AdaptTech Manufacturing Solutions! We have seen mk Profile Systems go from strength to strength and now is the right time for us to re-brand and extend our offering. The company remains under the same … Read more