Flat Top Chain Conveyor

Flat top chain conveyors are well-suited for the feeding and interlinking of bottles, cans, or small boxes in industries such as food, beverage, glass, pharmaceuticals, and paint. Alternatively, steel chain conveyors are used for transporting hot, sharp, or oily products.

Technical data:


Completely modular and standardised flat top chain conveyor system, offered either as a ready-to-use solution or in the form of an assembly kit.

SBF-P 2254

Modular flat top chain conveyor utilizing robust steel chains for handling intricate transportation tasks.

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Technical specifications 

Characteristics of the SBF-P 2245

Well-suited for the metal industry and turned, milled, or welded parts

Modular design facilitates rapid and cost-effective construction of intricate conveying paths

Track layout can be easily modified to adapt to production conditions

Side slots on the conveyor frame profile enable the attachment of accessories such as side rails, stands, etc.