Versaflex Flat Top Chain Conveyor System

The flexible solution.

The Versaflex flat top chain conveyor system, fully modular and standardised, is well-suited for intricate track layouts within a three-dimensional environment. Its various chain widths enable swift configuration and trouble-free system design, optionally accommodating workpiece carriers.

Advantages of Versaflex:

Cost-effective implementation of intricate track layouts 
Effortless and rapid setup and deployment 
Applicable across all industries, compatible with current systems 
Modular system comprising standardized components 
User-friendly with minimal maintenance requirements 
Quick adaptability to changing production and environmental conditions 
Efficient use of energy and space 
Attachments such as accessories and side rails can be easily affixed to the slots on the conveyor frame profile.

Advantages of Versaflex:

Alongside the conveying paths, a variety of supplementary components augment the construction kit, providing flexibility in system design. mk provides drives, bends, cleats, side rails, and stands tailored to the specific task and conveyed goods. Additionally, various function modules are at your disposal, including stoppers for accumulation, buffering, or product separation, as well as switches for diverting products onto different conveying paths.

Versaflex Conveyor Chains

A product can be two or three times the width of the conveying chain, provided the centre of gravity of the transported goods is within the chain width, additional supporting tracks may be required.

  Chain width
System width
Product width
Max. product
weight [kg]
Max. total
load [kg]
Max. length
Max. speed
Versaflex A06*63 mm65 mm15-140 mm10 kg150 kg40 m50 m/min.
Versaflex A08*83 mm85 mm20-200 mm
up to 150 mm (P08)
15 kg
10 kg (P08)
200 kg30 m50 m/min.
Versaflex A10*103 mm105 mm25-300 mm20 kg200 kg30 m50 m/min.
  *Other chain widths are available on request.

Versaflex P08 Workpiece Carrier System

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Versaflex – Flat Top Chain Conveyor System

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