Stairs & Platforms

Access points, Platforms and Work Platforms to Ensure Safe Working Conditions

Through our range of platforms, we provide tailored solutions for securely accessing work zones and carrying out tasks on vehicles, machinery, or systems. Our platform offerings encompass personalised assembly and maintenance platforms, basic standardised platforms, and production area footbridges.

Stairs & Platforms

Characteristics of mk Stairs and Platforms 

An assortment of designs and choices designed to meet safety standards and enhance workstation comfort 
The modular structure enables effortless setup and dismantling with common tools 
The extensive array of profiles offers utmost adaptability for tailoring functions to specific customer needs 
Premium material quality, robust connection mechanisms, and top-tier accessories guarantee substantial weight-bearing capacity and extended lifespans 
Interchangeable components and detachable connection technology simplify adjustments and expansions 
Mobile variants are accessible, featuring options of fixed or swivelling casters or air cushions


Our robust and lightweight industrial staircases are crafted from mk 2040.68, mk 2040.69, and mk 2040.06 profiles, featuring slip-resistant surface textures. The utilisation of profile slots for screw connections eliminates the necessity for machining components.

These staircases can be customised to suit specific inclines, dependent on their intended purpose or the available area. The suggested incline configurations are tailored to the intended use.

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Handrails manufactured by mk can find utility across a diverse array of applications, owing to their adaptability, and their malleability is well-suited for tailoring to specific needs. The ergonomic handrail, utilizing the mk 2040.16 profile, boasts a 40 mm diameter that aligns with the specifications outlined in the DIN EN ISO 14122-3 standard. Notably, both the connecting components and the end caps of these handrails feature generous radii to mitigate the risk of injuries and to ensure adherence to the pertinent occupational safety guidelines and the relevant regulations in place.

Our durable and lightweight handrail hinges are commonly paired with mk 2040.01 and mk 2040.16 profiles. 

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